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Top 4 Theme Parks You Must Visit in Dubai

By Centara Hotels & Resorts Posted on 02 Mar 23

Top 4 Theme Parks You Must Visit in Dubai

Aside from the amazing shopping, restaurants, and spectacular views from skyscrapers, what else is there to do in Dubai? Looking for some thrills? Traveling with a group of friends or family? By keeping Centara Mirage Beach Resort Dubai as your base, you’re in the perfect spot to visit some of Dubai's best and exciting theme parks which are

  1. Legoland Resort, Dubai
    Legoland Dubai is a destination that the whole family can enjoy - and no, it’s not just the kids that they cater to. Featuring over 40 kid friendly LEGO themed rides, as well as a sub sectioned waterpark with 20 water slides and other fun activities to immerse yourself in. This park is perfect for families traveling with kids ages between 2-12. The park is divided into six themed lands for you to visit; these include ‘Factory’, ‘Miniland’, ‘LEGO City’, ‘Minilands’, ‘Imagination’, and ‘Kingdoms’. For more information on in-park attractions and ticket prices you can visit the LEGOLAND Dubai site.
  2. Bollywood Park, Dubai
    Being the first of its kind, this park is described as a family friendly, Bollywood styled theme park, allowing you to experience the wide and diverse cultures of India. The park features six different themed zones as well as fine dining located inside the park. From Bollywood Boulevard offering 'explosion of colours’, music, and dance styles ranging from Kathakali to Bhangra and from Garba to Tiger Dance, Mumbai Chowk allows you to stroll around enjoying the food and shopping, Rustic Ravine features its world record breaking swing, the Skyflyer. This is the tallest swing in the world. With more zones like Royal Plaza, Bollywood Film Studios, and Mela Junction, you get to experience the true Bollywood culture that Bollywood Parks Dubai has to offer. For more information visit Dubai Parks and Resorts.
  3. Motiongate, Dubai
    Motiongate is a Hollywood themed park, showcasing zones styled as world famous motion picture studios like Dreamworks Animation, Columbia Pictures, Lionsgate and Smurfs. Having over 30 different attractions, you get to spend the day in a world featuring some of your favorite Hollywood movies. Featuring rides like the Capital Bullet Train, to Zombieland blast off, there is a whole variety of rides, so whether you are looking for an adrenaline or a slow paced ride, there is something for the whole family to enjoy. From Ghostbusters, Hunger Games, to Kung Fu Panda and Smurfs, you are sure to get a kick of nostalgia. Visit Motiongate Dubai for more information.
  4. Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi
    Do you feel a need … a need for SPEED? If you’re a car junkie, Ferrari world is the place to indulge your speed fetish. Home to 40 adrenaline igniting attractions, speed is the order of the day and will have your heart racing from dawn to dusk. Have you ever dreamt of sitting behind the wheel of a Ferrari? Now you can! The park also offers a driving experience run by trained Ferrari instructors so you are ensured to be in the safest of hands. Offering VIP experiences, shopping, dining, as well as unique features like Face Pass, a way to enter the park contact free, allowing for a smoother experience. For more information you can visit Ferrari World Abu Dhabi for further ticket pricings.