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How to Create a Dream Beach Wedding

Posted on 21 Apr 21

How to Create a Dream Beach Wedding

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming. That’s why there are wedding planners at your disposal. But there are still couples who want to take full responsibility for their own wedding and create a perfect ceremony. If you are one of those couples, and want to have your wedding on the beach, we may have some ideas to get you started.

For the Bride and Groom

Wedding Dress

Forget a long train ballroom gown because it might be too heavy considering you have to walk on the sand, and it also might be too hot. If you insist on a long train wedding dress, try a lighter fabric like lace or chiffon. Avoid satin because sweat stains aren’t pretty on a wedding dress, or any other dress actually.

Groom’s Outfit

For a groom, a 3-piece suit might not be suitable. Allow yourself to be less formal. A sports jacket with a linen shirt could work wonders. Some grooms choose to do just a shirt and waistcoat, so if that’s what you want, go for it. If you pick linen, remember that it gets wrinkled very easily and it will go see through if you sweat a lot.

Wedding Shoes

Dreaming of a pair of Cinderella glass pumps from Jimmy Choo? Yes, me too. But your reality is, unless you have a solid walkway like wooden boards, this fantasy will not be suitable for a beach wedding. Wedge is your new best friend if you are planning to walk a lot. Or even bare feet with some foot accessories could work just as well.

Makeup and Hair

You have been saving all kinds of wedding makeup and hairdo suggestions on Pinterest, and that’s a good idea to do. But, that’s for hair and makeup done in a studio with some heavy photoshopping before you see the finished product. Your reality will be heat, humidity, wind, and maybe rain too.

Anything too sparkly or glittery will create an oily effect on your face. Wavy hair is perfect for the beach look but having to worry about your hair throughout the whole ceremony could be annoying, and don’t forget it will be hard for your photographer to capture a moment. Keeping your hair in place loosely is another idea to consider when it comes to beach wedding hairstyles.

For the Guests

There shouldn’t be any complaints on your big day because everyone is here to celebrate you. Yet we still want it to be perfect and keep everyone happy. When it comes to a beach wedding and making guests happy, the key is to keep them comfortable:

Mosquito and bug repellent should be handed out to guests.

Ask your venue for fans, and if they can’t provide you with that you should think of providing your guests with a hand fan which can also be a wedding souvenir.

Cool towels should be given to guests before and during the ceremony.

Drinks are important, whether or not it’s alcoholic. Having some ice-cold drinks should be mandatory. Even though you are having a beach wedding and thinking seafood, remember that not everyone is a fan. Be sure to ask your guests about any food allergies, and not just for seafood. Don’t forget gluten, dairy, and so on. Let your catering service know and have plenty of choices for everyone.

For an Ambience

This starts with a beautiful location, so may we suggest Centara Grand Resort Phuket or Centara Reserve Samui. It is also undeniable that lighting is everything when you want to create a ‘take my breath away’ moment. Consider candles but also be cautious about how to manage the fire. Will you have a glass cover? Will you use fake candles? And will you have a fire extinguisher ready?

What about flowers? If your beach wedding is being held outside of your home country, do ask your wedding planner what is available. Roses are usually feasible for most locations but if you want something exotic, orchids could be another option.

Entertainment is an event in itself, so determine early on which kind of entertainment you want. If it’s a live band, what kind of music do you want, and do you have a list of songs? Also, if you are having your wedding in a foreign country, can the band actually sing your songs? If you are thinking of having a DJ, always ask for their portfolio beforehand.

For fireworks, do check with your venue to make sure it’s allowed before going ahead with it.

If you are having your wedding at a hotel, it would be wise to ask about wedding packages. That way you will know exactly what kind of budget you need and what you will get in return. Plus, with the team of wedding planners and their combined expertise at your disposal, this can take the burden of stress off your shoulders so you have a chance to actually enjoy your big day. So feel free to reach out to a team of wedding experts from either Centara Reserve Samui or Centara Grand Resort Phuket.

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