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Holi Festival in Dubai

Holi is regarded as one of the most famous Hindu festivals which takes place annually in March. There are many different legends about this festival of colours. It has been widely told that Holi is celebrated to ward off evil spirits. Many also claim that it is held to herald the start of a good spring harvest season and mark the end of old grievances. Every year many tourists from all over the world will travel to India to experience this joyous and vivid festival.

How do people celebrate Holi in Dubai
Even though Holi is a Hindu spring festival which originated from India, you can also attend Holi in the UAE where this festive event is also celebrated annually. In Dubai, Holi is organised throughout the city, with recommended places to enjoy the festival including IMG World of Adventure Park, Al Mamzar Beach Park and Zabeel Park etc.
The highlight of the event is the gathering of people to pour colour water over each other. Besides splashing colours, most Holi Festivals in Dubai also feature many other activities and entertainment, which include live performances by various DJs and artists. Apart from that, Holi celebrations also feature a variety of food stalls and pop-up shops.

Getting to Holi
The most popular and well-known venues for celebrating Holi are not far away from the city of Dubai. IMG World of Adventure Park and Al Mamzar Beach Park are about 23 and 20 minutes from the downtown respectively. Zabeel Park, on the other hand, is only 8 minutes by car.