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Tips for an Affordable Trip to Koh Samui

By COSI Hotels Posted on 02 Sep 20


Koh Samui richly deserves its status as one of the most popular holiday destinations in Thailand. The island’s natural highlights and cultural activities, countless dining options, and beautiful beaches will continue to impress visitors long into the future. Just an hour’s flight from Bangkok, the island is easily accessible, and you can have a great time – even while sticking to a fairly tight budget. This article will point out some great cost-saving measures, so that you can enjoy an affordable trip on Koh Samui.


Let’s start off with the obvious one. Travelling during the right season will cut your costs right off the bat. The cheapest times to travel to Samui are from March-June and September-November. These months make up the low season at Koh Samui, helping you save on accommodation as well as flight cost. You’ll also enjoy a bit more privacy as you go to the island’s beaches or temples. Of course, there are tradeoffs to coming during the low season. Generally the March-June season is hotter than other months, while October and November may see rain.

Tips for an affordable trip to Koh Samui


Street vendors offer delicious food at a low price, such as noodle dishes, stir-fried pork with basil, and Hainanese chicken rice. The cost for any of these meals is usually less than 70 baht, if you buy from a local food vendor. Street foodsellers in Samui are just as good as their counterparts in Bangkok – and they represent a popular choice among travellers and locals alike, for serving up fast, fresh, authentic, and cheap meals.

Tips for an affordable trip to Koh Samui


Taxis tend to be air-conditioned, but for a more authentic Thai experience, we advise you to take a songthaew to get from Point A to Point B. A songthaew is a pickup truck with two benches at the back, providing seating for around ten people. The ride is quite enjoyable, and very different from the usual travel experience; you’ll get to feel the wind at your back, as the truck drives towards its destination. Songthaews also provide a roof to protect you from the hot sun. Each ride will cost you around 20-30 baht per person, with a maximum of around 50 baht depending on how far you’re going. Before hopping onto the truck, talk to the driver and agree on a price.

Tips for an affordable trip to Koh Samui


Some of the best places are open to visitors for free. Koh Samui’s main attraction, of course, is the beach. Even without exploring much of the island, you can have a great trip just by walking down the soft white sand, swimming in the sea, and getting a nice tan.

Elsewhere, however, you can see the Big Buddha – a 12-metre seated statue built in 1972, and one of the island’s most popular attractions. If you want to add a cultural dimension to the experience, visit in the morning when locals stop by with food and other offerings. You may also see monks doing their morning chanting. Just remember that this is a religious area, so you will need to dress appropriately.

For something different and humorous, Hin Ta and Hin Yai are located on the southeast coast of Samui. The rocks famously resemble male and female genitals, causing chuckles among visitors.

Evening time brings even more opportunities to enjoy an affordable trip on Koh Samui. The island’s night markets are fascinating, with their seemingly endless food, shops, and live performances. Fisherman’s Village Walking Street is open on Friday nights, and is considered to be the most popular market on the island. You’ll find plenty of stores selling cheap products like t-shirts, bags, sunglasses, souvenirs, and lots of locally made handicrafts.


Whatever your budget, Thailand can easily deliver an unforgettable experience. The above guide will get you started, as you plan your next affordable trip to Koh Samui.

Tips for an affordable trip to Koh Samui