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A night at Krabi Night Market

By COSI Hotels Posted on 10 Nov 20

If you find yourself in Krabi on a weekend, do yourself a favour and check out Krabi Night Market. This lively, colourful market will give you a glimpse into the Southern Thai lifestyle through delicious Thai street fare, live performances, and unique souvenirs.

While you’re downtown, look up at the traffic lights on Maharaj Road – the Neanderthal statues pay homage to ancient settlers in Krabi, home to the oldest history of continued settlement in the country dating back to 30,000 BC!

Krabi Night Market is open from Fridays to Sundays, late afternoon to approximately 10 p.m.

Night market


Krabi Night Market is located in downtown Krabi, directly behind the Vogue Department Store on Soi Maharaj 8. From COSI Krabi Ao Nang Beach, it’s an easy 25-minute ride to the city centre. The market is a popular destination for both locals and visitors, so you won’t have any problems finding it.

Authentic Thai street fare

No night market experience can be complete without the abundance of delicious Thai street food. At the sprawling outdoor food court here, you will find a multitude of food vendors selling everything from grilled satay to fresh seafood including grilled fish, steamed crab, and large prawns. There are also plenty of sweet treats that will satisfy your dessert craving, such as the perennial favourite – mango sticky rice – as well as fresh coconut ice cream and banana fritters.

Live entertainment

The food court is always bustling with action, which is further enlivened with live entertainment. There is a large stage located on the Central Plaza next to the sea of aluminium tables and chairs, with a variety of shows that happen here throughout the evening. You can catch traditional Thai Folk classics being played on beautiful instruments, Thai dancing, and singing performances. So grab some tasty treats, sit down, and enjoy the show!


Cool refreshments

After wandering up and down the rows of stalls, you’ll probably be in need of something to quench your thirst. There’s plenty of stalls selling fresh fruit juice and smoothies, but for something with a different presentation, look for drinks stands serving cocktails in bamboo cups. Other than being an eco-friendly option to single-use plastic cups, you can keep these hollow bamboo cups and reuse them as little containers for your knick-knacks.

What to buy

Krabi Night Market has everything you need, and then some. Here you can pick up beach essentials, including sunglasses and sandals, as well as handmade goods ranging from fashion accessories to hand carved soap flowers and Krabi souvenirs. The selection of goods here is similar to most night markets in Thailand, but as Krabi Night Market also caters to the local residents, a lot of the items can be found at bargain prices compared to markets in other tourist locations.