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Local Thai spa treatments: Choosing the right package

By Centara Hotels & Resorts Posted on 19 Aug 20

Travelling can be one of the most rewarding pastimes in the world, but it isn’t easy on the body. After long hours of moving around and trying to fit in as many activities as possible, getting back to your hotel room with a sore back or neck won’t be a pleasant feeling at all. To make your holiday truly relaxing, we recommend trying out some Thai spa treatments as a way of soothing your body and finding peace once again.

Thailand is known for its traditional massages and treatments, but its spas frequently offer calming Indian and Japanese therapies as well. You’ll find cheap massage centres on almost any street in a tourist area – but for a fully luxurious experience, you may find it worthwhile to try out a more upscale spa whose massage therapists and beauticians use high-quality lotions in a sumptuous setting. The right spa can provide a transcendental relaxation experience, often just a few steps from your hotel room.

Here are some of the special therapies you’ll want to experience at spas around Thailand.


Shirodhara Treatment: Relieve mental stress and jet lag


Visiting a country with different time zone can cause jet lag, in addition to the regular stress of dealing with a new environment as you travel. Shirodhara is the ideal solution for these problems. The name comes from two Sanskrit words: shiro (head) and dhara (flow). It is a kind of Ayurveda therapy which brings your body, mind, and soul to a place of greater peace. The Shirodhara treatment includes the delicate pouring of herbal oil on the forehead, to bring about calmness and full relaxation.

Local Thai spa treatments: Choosing the right package for your body

Salt pot: Release muscle tension


For those who prefer a traditional Thai treatment, the salt pot experience may be an even better option. With the combination of deep tissue oil massage and hot salt pot compresses, muscle tension in the shoulders and lower back area will be give way to release and relaxation. The heated clay pot contains herbs and salt, which give off a soothing scent while also improving your blood circulation. Salt pot has traditionally been used for postpartum care, as it helps with fatigue after delivery. However, because of its great medicinal benefits, the treatment is now widespread and used for general muscle tension purposes. This is a great way to reward your body after an adventurous day.

Local Thai spa treatments: Choosing the right package for your body

Body wrap: Soothe tired, damaged, or sunburnt skin


Body wraps are like facials for your whole body – an excellent method of healing and beautification, as travelling can otherwise make your skin dry and damaged. In order to look flawless during your vacation, skin on your body needs to be taken care of as well. There are various types of body wraps, such as a warm seaweed wrap for detoxification, a Dead Sea Black Mud Wrap for skin nutrition, and Red Rice Sunburn Soothing Wrap for skin healing and sunburn remedy. These treatments penetrate your skin far better than you’ll get by simply applying body lotions or masks on your own. Full of moisture and nutrients, they are wonderful for deep skin nourishment.

While the above list highlights some of our favourites, there are indeed many more wonderful spa treatments you can try when you visit Thailand. Spas are central to the Thai experience, and will definitely make your vacation more pleasant and enjoyable. Holidays are all about feeling great, so come out and treat yourself; your body will thank you.

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