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Fashion items must-haves for the beach

By COSI Hotels Posted on 07 Sep 20

Finding fashion advice can be hard. Don’t know whose advice you should take? We have an expert with us to give you some tips on what to bring to the beach. Meet ‘Booky HealthyWorld’ or Supanooch Maneenate - Fitness and Lifestyle Blogger, and a Certified Trainer (you can follow her on Instagram and Facebook under the same handle). She agreed to share with us her story, her fashion item must-haves, and some fitness tips as well.

Fashion items must-haves for the beach

What inspired you to create a fitness blog and become a trainer?

I used to be quite chubby. I would eat whatever I wanted whenever I wanted and how I wanted and never once thought of exercising or even being remotely active. It became a problem for me because I started to get sick quite often. I got tired just from doing the bare minimum, and I couldn’t find clothes that would look good on me or that I would feel comfortable or confident to wear. So finally I thought enough was enough and decided to change my habits. I started to exercise and by doing that I lost 10 kg, and that’s when I started my blog to share my journey with people who were on the same path.

Five must-have items when you are going to the beach

Sport Bikini - Because the top almost looks like a sports bra. You can actually work out in it without feeling awkward.

Butterfly Style Sunglasses - To protect your eyes in style you need something quite big to be able to cover you properly. The frames are stylish as well so they add something to your face.

Beach Mat - It is important, especially for bloggers when taking photos - you have the look but then the props aren’t camera ready. This alone can kill a good photo, so I will always bring a nice beach mat with some pretty printing. Whether you use it for your photos or to sit on, it’s always good to have one.

Sunscreen - Never ever go out under the sun without sunscreen. I would reapply it every 2-3 hours for both face and body.

Coconut Water - To keep me hydrated I go for coconut water. There are electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals in coconut water that keep you hydrated while on the beach.

Swimsuit Trends for Women

The cut out swimsuit! It is designed to show off a woman’s curves without being too revealing. Cut out swimsuits complement any body type because it’s a one-piece so it’s not too sexy and it keeps you in shape.

Active Wear on the Beach

Wear something that makes you want to work out even more. Pretty activewear is important as it will give you confidence and will motivate you to work out. I like anything that brightens up my mood so something whimsical, colourful, floral, or with some beach element printed on it is perfect for the beach work out.

Exercise Routines for the Beach

Just to keep my routine going even when travelling, these two exercises are easily done anywhere and on the beach: plank and side plank. They are very good for your core.

Here are some easy steps to follow to do the plank on the beach: Place your forearm on the ground; your elbows should always align below your shoulders. Ground your toes on the floor and stabilise your body. Hold it for a minute and repeat - do as many as you can.

Then, move on to the side plank. Lie on your side with one leg stacked above the other and then lift your body up with your hand. Move your hips up and down to activate your core and waistline.

Always try to stay active, and if you are heading to the beach any time soon, don’t forget to follow this advice.