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Good Governance Policy

Our high level of integrity has allowed Centara to achieve meaningful and measurable success in business, building a reputation as both a hospitality leader and an ethical business partner. As we grow, Centara will continue to protect our planet, support local communities and make positive change, all while following the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.

Stakeholder Engagement

We consider our key stakeholder groups, customer, suppliers & business partners, employees, communities, and environment requirements and expectations when developing operational guidelines so that we can reduce risks and lessen any negative impact that could occur during normal business operations.

Risk Management

We recognise the importance of sustainable risk management. The COSO ERM 2017 framework has been adopted and applied to Centara’s business. A risk management policy that covers all aspects of the business was then devised and incorporated into the corporate culture. The approach facilitates risk assessment and identification of major risks and has also led to the formulation of strategies for monitoring and keeping control of manageable risks.

Supply Chain Management

We have attached great importance to supplying chain management, taking into account sustainability with respect to the environment, society, and governance (ESG) as well as Statement of Business Code of Conduct, to prevent any risk that could directly or indirectly affect our image and business operations.

Sustainable Sourcing

We have put in place a Code of Conduct and Guidelines for Business partners and Suppliers to communicate our Sustainable Procurement Policy, operational procedures and supplier management guidelines. In addition, such practices ensure that our suppliers maintain their business operations in compliance with laws and regulations of environmental conservation, human rights, equitable labour treatment, standards of occupational safety and hygiene, corporate governance, and anti-corruption in all forms. Centara also supports our suppliers in joining the anti-corruption coalition.

Customer Relationship Management

We are committed to providing quality services and product offerings to meet the requirements of our customers. We emphasize speedy and efficient management of problems, mainly based on customers’ requirements. Complaint management and recovery mechanisms have been set up to ensure systematic, transparent, and timely management.