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Check Out These Excellent Beach Activities on Koh Chang

By Centara Hotels & Resorts Posted on 27 Aug 20

As one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, Thailand gets much of its attention from its stunning beaches. Islands like Koh Chang make for the perfect gateway, offering calm waters and a clear blue sea. From boat trips to snorkelling to pure and simple relaxation, we’ve put together a list of the best beach activities on Koh Chang.



Check out these excellent beach activities on Koh Chang

Let’s start off with some of the most enjoyable activities to do at the beach. You’ll find Koh Chang to be an easygoing place for lounging around with a drink, sunbathing with a book to read, and getting your feet wet in the calm waters of the Gulf of Thailand.



Check out these excellent beach activities on Koh Chang

Yet Koh Chang’s beaches are also your portal to the deep blue sea, where plenty of islands are waiting to be discovered. Indeed, there are over 40 other islands in the Koh Chang area, making this region a popular destination for boat trips as well as snorkelling and scuba diving. A nice boat trip can provide the perfect opportunity for you to see coral reefs and fishes.

Check out these excellent beach activities on Koh Chang

There are many tours to choose from, and we recommend a five-island snorkelling tour to get the most out of the experience. This tour will take you to plenty of different scenic spots, all within easy reach of each other. The boat trips last between a half-day and a full day, giving you the option to choose between a speedboat and a large wooden boat. It’s also worth noting that there are very good diving sites in Koh Chang Marine Park, along with several diving schools around the island.

Check out these excellent beach activities on Koh Chang



Elephant camps

Check out these excellent beach activities on Koh Chang

Back on Koh Chang itself, you might also decide to visit one of the elephant camps, which allow you the change to go into the water and swim with the elephants, or simply feed them. The name Koh Chang translates to ‘elephant island’ – a name it received due to the island’s distinctive shape – so you may decide that your visit to Koh Chang is the right time to see some elephants up close, and interact with them.

Check out these excellent beach activities on Koh Chang

Of course, Koh Chang isn’t just about beautiful beaches. It also has a few waterfalls and jungles, if you decide to go on a trek. There are few trails to follow, so we recommend going with a guide who knows the area well. The main places you can visit by trekking are around Klong Son Valley and Klong Prao beach.


Jungle treks and waterfalls

Check out these excellent beach activities on Koh Chang

As for waterfalls, there are a few you can visit on your trek: Klong Plu is the most accessible waterfall as well as the most popular one, taking just 15 minutes of walking through jungle until you get there. Another waterfall is called Than Mayom. It has four levels, with the most stunning and dramatic views coming from the top.

Koh Chang has plenty of natural beauty, both on and around the island. We recommend visiting between November and April, and trying out a wide range of beach activities on Koh Chang with your friends or loved ones. The island itself is beautiful, affordable, and suitable for all travellers.


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