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Have Pet, Will Travel

By Centara Hotels & Resorts Posted on 10 Sep 20

I am a 'Fur Mum', or as Urban Dictionary calls it, a 'Furmom'. As Urban Dictionary defines it, a Furmom is a person who thinks that their dog (baby) barks sparkles and poops rainbows. Their fur-babies, in their eyes at least, can't do a thing wrong, and everything he or she does is 'just the cutest thing'. By the way - did I mention how adorable my Pomeranian is? She's just the cutest Pomeranian that I have ever seen - and I am not biased!

That being said, I would do anything for her as a Furmom. One thing that I find hard in Asia is travelling with her. While travelling with pets in some western countries - especially the US, is common, in Asia it is the opposite. Staying in hotels is almost out of the question for us. Some hotels may say that they do have a 'Pet Friendly' policy, but the reality is that they aren't really that friendly at all - neither to the pet nor the owner … or 'parents' as we like to refer to ourselves.

Your furbaby will only be allowed in the room and not in the public areas. Basically, you are destined to be locked up in your own room with no access to anything if you insist on travelling with your baby.

One example of a so-called 'Pet Friendly' policy that my friend encountered with her Frenchie (aka French Bulldog) recently, was when they checked into a hotel by the beach. They were informed that they weren't allowed to use the beach in front of the hotel. This Frenchie weighed 10 kilograms and was a bundle of muscle - well, she says 'muscle', I say 'fat'. She wasn't even allowed to walk from their room to the beach as another of their policies was that animals had to be carried when passing through public areas.

So, from experience, we Furmoms in Asia are a little sceptical when we see hotels touting themselves as being Pet Friendly. To find something that is friendly to both pets and owners is a rare thing in this part of the world. That's why when I heard about the Centara Chaan Talay Resort and Villas Trat, I had to look twice.

The property offers an amazingly intimate getaway with only 44 suites and private villas, all with easy access to the beach that both you and your furbaby can enjoy, regardless of whether it's to take a long walk, play fetch, or just relax on their 400-metre stretch of beach.

The only area where your furbaby is prohibited is the pool area. To be honest, even though I am a Furmom, I do understand that not everyone thinks my dog is a unicorn. If I weren't a furmom, I probably wouldn't want to swim with other people's pets either. So, I guess it's a fair policy.

After each stay, the hotel also makes sure that we don't leave anything behind for the next guests, and they do a deep clean after each stay. Even so, as Furmoms and Furdads, we should be mindful to always be responsible parents by following the rules below:

  • Always carry a plastic bag to pick up whatever your furbaby leaves behind;
  • Pack baby-wipes to clean your furbaby and any other areas that might need mopping up;
  • Keep sanitizer handy to clean your hands;
  • Take air-freshener spray with you to make the air breathable again after you leave;
  • Pack pee pads for when you have to be on the plane, or in the car, van, or in a public area;
  • Pack snacks and toys - just like with kids, sometimes the only way to keep them calm is to feed them and keep them entertained

So it's good news for all the Furmoms and Furdads out there - Centara Chaan Talay Resort and Villas Trat is offering some special deals throughout 2020 that are definitely worth checking out. Now you can take your furbaby on your next holiday!

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