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Hat Yai Travel Tips

Most Amazing Islands Off the Coast of Hat Yai

By Centara Hotels & Resorts Posted on 18 Feb 20

Known as the capital city of southern Thailand, Hat Yai is a commercial hub that is home to many shopping outlets where you can find a wide variety of merchandise from Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore. Apart from shopping, there are also plenty of other activities and destinations to enjoy while staying in Hat Yai including exploring Hat Yai old town, jungle trekking, and visiting a waterfall.

Though the city of Hat Yai city is an exciting travel destination in its own right, no trip to the south of Thailand would be complete with exploring some of the islands.


Koh Lipe

Koh Lipe is the perfect spot for island adventure after your stay at Centara Hotel Hat Yai. It is one of the islands in the Adang Archipelago in Tarutao National Marine Park. While on Lipe, there are three popular beaches that you shouldn’t miss: Pattaya, Sunrise, and Sunset.

Located along the south of the island, Pattaya is Lipe’s main beach. This beach is the most bustling area on the island as it has dozens of restaurants, bars, shops, hotels, and resorts all along it. Nevertheless, Pattaya Beach still features fine white sand and crystal-clear waters. But if you’re looking for some peace and quiet, Sunrise or Sunset beaches might be better options for you.

Sunrise Beach – or Hat Chao Ley – is a great spot to start your day. As the name suggests, you can catch the spectacular sunrises here in the early mornings. Sunrise Beach is also less touristy than Pattaya Beach as it is located near the small village of Chao Ley. This peaceful beach allows you to sit back and relax under the shade of the tropical pine trees that grow along the coast.

Sunset Beach or Hat Pramong is another picturesque area of Lipe island. Of course, this is the place to be to catch the beautiful sunsets in the early evenings. What better way to end your day than gazing upon the sunset sky as the cool sea breeze kisses your skin and the sound of the cresting waves creates a scene of pure serenity for all your senses.

Most amazing islands off the coast of Hat Yai


Other islands to explore

The waters around Koh Lipe island are home to four of Thailand’s best snorkelling spots.

Let’s start with Hin Ngam island. Hin Ngam in Thai means beautiful stones. The stones that give Hin Ngam its name are not sharp at all and are perfectly safe to walk on. Besides all the stones, Hin Ngam is surrounded by clear water that gives you a great look at all the fish and corals when you’re snorkelling.

Most amazing islands off the coast of Hat Yai

Jabang Island is another excellent spot for coral reef observation. You will be amazed by the seven-colour coral reefs and the myriad different species of small marine life. Snorkelling here can be adventurous though, as the currents are quite swift. We advise you to hang on to the rope that was installed for this very reason.

The third island on our list is Koh Adang. At Adang, you’ll have a chance to see many different breeds of colourful fish swimming around the coral garden. Besides its beautiful snorkelling area, Adang Island also has stunning 360-degree viewpoints of the surrounding Andaman Sea.

Just south of Koh Adang is the last island on our list: the peaceful Koh Khai. Koh Khai boasts of a spectacular stone archway on its pristine beach. This archway is also called ‘Lover’s Gate’ as people believe that any couple that walks through the gate will be lovers for life.

Most amazing islands off the coast of Hat Yai

How to get to Koh Lipe

From Hat Yai city, you can take a minibus or a van from the bus station to Pak Bara pier. From the pier, you can take a speed boat or a ferry to Koh Lipe. You can also arrange to be picked up from your hotel.


So, what are you waiting for? Beautiful islands, white sandy beaches, crystal-clear waters, magnificent marine wildlife, and spectacular sunsets await you on the amazing islands off the coast of Hat Yai.

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