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Thai Durian Guide: Where to eat and where to buy

By Centara Hotels & Resorts Posted on 26 Aug 20

Thai Durian Guide

Any trip to Thailand will needs to include at least one bite of durian, the “King of Thai Fruits”. With its hard shell and dangerous thorns, the inside of durian offers a sweet, creamy and buttery taste. Although the durian is most famous for its stinky smell, it is still a favourite fruit for many people around the world. Durian is commonly found in Thailand, during its typical season from April to August. Below is a guide to some of the many places you can find durian in Thailand!

Where to Eat Durian in Bangkok


Durian Cart Vendors along the street

Thai Durian Guide: Where to eat and where to buy

Bangkok is well known for having a variety of food and fruit sellers along its streets, including durian. The King of Thai Fruits can be found on pretty much every street during its season. A pile of durian will be sitting on the cart, and the vendor will peel it for you when you’re ready to buy.

Tips: There’s no easy way to tell which durian has the best taste. Just ask the vendors and they will pick the best ones for you!


Or Tor Kor Market

Thai Durian Guide: Where to eat and where to buy

Or Tor Kor is located near the famous Chatuchak Weekend Market, north of the city centre. At Or Tor Kor, you can find anything from fresh food to kitchen supplies – along with plenty of fine durian piling up in different stalls. Here, you can also choose pre-peeled durian wrapped in white paper and nicely packed in styrofoam. The quality will always be good, as Or Tor Kor is well known for selling a high-quality product.

Travelling to Or Tor Kor is easy: Simply ride the subway (MRT) to Kamphaeng Phet station, and Or Tor Kor will be right there!


Supermarket in the malls

Thai Durian Guide: Where to eat and where to buy

During its season, Durian can easily be found in any supermarket. Just like at Or Tor Kor, nice packages of durian are available for you to pick by yourself.

Thai Durian Guide: Where to eat and where to buy


Exploring Durian Orchards at Rayong

Thai Durian Guide: Where to eat and where to buy

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could taste freshly picked durians straight from the farm? Travelling to Rayong can give you this superb experience, while also letting you enjoy the beautiful ocean scenery around Centara Q Resort Rayong.

Located in the east of Thailand, Rayong is one of the best provinces for growing fine and fresh durians. The geography of the province makes it perfect for fruit farming. Several durian orchards in Rayong are open for tourists, letting visitors take a farm tour while tasting different kinds of durians and other fruits. Here are some suggested farms that open for a farm tour and durian tasting:

Thai Durian Guide: Where to eat and where to buy

Suan Lamai
At Suan Lamai, visitors can take the tram to go sightseeing around the farm, and taste local durian along with some other fruits. There is a sheep farm and coffee shop open to tourists as well.

Suan Baan Rao
Like most of the farms in the area, Suan Baan Rao offers visitors a chance to go sightseeing and fruit tasting. However, this place has more of a relaxed atmosphere.

Suan Suphattra Land
Encompassing an area of over 800 rai (more than 300 acres), Suphattra Land is a huge farm that grows 25 types of fruit. The farm is open to visitors all year round, but you are advised to contact them first if you’d like to arrange a durian tasting.

Before visiting any of these farms, you should check the period that they are open for durian tasting or farm sightseeing. Moreover, each farm has different plans and activities depending on your interest!


Visiting Thailand’s Fruit Capital, Chanthaburi

Even further to the east of Thailand, you’ll reach the “capital” of tropical fruits, Chanthaburi. Chanthaburi is known for having the most durian yields in Thailand each year. Besides standard durian shopping and tasting, if your itinerary allows it, you should make time to see the annual Chanthaburi Fruit Festival. At this festival, you’ll find plenty of durians (as well as other tropical fruits) for sale at a much lower price than in Bangkok. The festival is typically held in May.

As a mostly agricultural country in the tropics, Thailand is truly a paradise for fruit lovers. It is only fitting, on your visit to the country, that you should experience the King of Thai Fruits at its best. Durian can be found almost everywhere during its season, from the north to the south of the country. So get ready, hold your nose, and enjoy this unique fruit as much as you can on your next visit.

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