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Phuket Foody

The Greatest Food in Phuket

By Centara Hotels Resorts Posted on 24 Sep 20

The Greatest Food in Phuket

It's inevitable that when you're visiting a beachside city like Phuket that you’re going to get cravings for some really good food. Phuket is one of the most famous coastline provinces in Thailand with so much to offer - and close to the top of that extensive 'to offer' list is amazing, freshly caught seafood. There's a lot more, however, to what makes Phuket food amazing than just fresh fish, crabs, and shrimp. Phuket is a very diverse city with many ethnicities and influences from the different regions of Thailand and neighbouring countries, meaning that the food you'll find in Phuket is indeed unique.


The Greatest Food in Phuket


So aside from fresh seafood, what else is there that you should try? Let's dive in.


1. Moo Hong - Stewed Pork in Soy Sauce

This stewed pork in soy sauce may resemble something similar to other provinces in Thailand, but looks can be deceiving - the traditional Phuket Moo Hong is different. It's cooked in soy sauce so it has a particularly salty flavour, as well as a sweet flavour from the pork belly fat. The pork is cooked for several hours until it is extremely tender. This dish is originally a traditional Hokkien (Fujian) Chinese dish brought by Chinese immigrants to Phuket many years ago.

Where to find it: Any street food stall, or local restaurant including Raya Restaurant in Phuket Town, or Kopitiam by Wilai - Phuket.


2. O-Tao - Phuket Fried Oyster

This is another Hokkien Chinese-influenced dish, and is considered by some as one of Phuket's most popular traditional snacks. It is similar to central Thailand's fried oyster dish, but what makes it different is that in central Thailand, taro is also cooked in with the O-Tao giving it a different texture. It usually comes with a side dish of crispy pork skin and bean sprouts.

Where to find it: Walking Street Lard Yai (Opens on Sunday), or O-Tao Bangneaw


3. Nam Prik Kung Sod - Fresh Shrimp Chilli Paste or Nam Choob Yhum

Translated directly, this means 'fresh shrimp chilli paste'. You will want to have this dish with vegetables along with other dishes such as Moo Hong (see above). It is best to have it with steamed rice.

Where to find it: Tukabkhao Phuket local food restaurant , Pinto by Chak, or from anywhere that sells good street food.


4. Hoo Chae or Phuket Salad

This will put you into sensory overdrive. This unique Phuket salad offers tastes of sweet, sour, spicy, and salty. It's a mixed salad consisting of lettuce, carrot, taro, cucumber, boiled egg, fried tofu, and crispy fried egg noodles. The highlight is in the salad dressing that is made out of chilli, garlic, salt, soy sauce, tamarind juice, and a dash of bean paste.

Where to find it: Mee Sa Pam, Lor Rong Market , or any good street food stall.


5. Fried Sand Crab - Jakka Jan Talay

Upon first glance, you might be tempted to think that these sand crabs are shrimp as the shell and size look similar - they're no bigger than your thumb. They are in fact crabs, and they're found during the monsoon season when the tide is at its ebbing peak. A common dish made with sand crab is to fry them with garlic, then eat them with a spicy seafood sauce.

Where to find it: Jakkajan Seafood, or any seafood restaurant - try Walking Street Lard Yai which is also open on Sundays.

If you want to explore more of Phuket's Greatest Foods, reach out to Centara Hotels & Resorts staff to see what your options are. At all eight Centara properties in Phuket there are great staff who know the lay of the land and will be more than happy to point you in the right direction.


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